2-D 1:1200 Model World War II Ships

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Among the ships below are the fast fleet carrier Essex, light cruiser/anti-aircraft USS Atlanta (or Juneau or San Diego or San Juan), the destroyer USS Gridley (or the other 7 ships of its class, each having 4x4(=16) tubes of our up-to-mid-1943 defective 21" torpedoes), a Natori class Japanese light cruiser, the old light cruiser Tenryu, and a Fubuki class Japanese "special destroyer" (with its knock-out-deadly and longranged 3x3 24" reloadable torpedo tubes).

Northampton was sistership to USS Houston(I, sunk alongside HMAS Perth in the Battle of Sunda Strait, night of Feb/Mar42) and USS Chicago(I, sunk in 1943 near Guadalcanal by Japanese torpedo bombers), among others.

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