2-D Side View Models - Original ONI recognition manual scales

For the original size drawings, size them up or down (?) to your preferred scale, cut out one side, glue it to heavy cardboard or posterboard and then glue the other, mirror-image side to it. And you will need to make a base, which will not only indicate the ship's direction but can display historical or game information about it. (You can use the pattern I provided, or cut those off and create your own bases.)

The ships below are the light cruiser/anti-aircraft USS Atlanta (or Juneau or San Diego or San Juan), the destroyer USS Gridley (or the other 7 ships of its class, each having 4x4(=16) tubes of our up-to-mid-1943 defective 21" torpedoes), a Natori class Japanese light cruiser, and a Fubuki class Japanese "special destroyer" (with its knock-out-deadly and longranged 3x3 24" reloadable torpedo tubes).

Original size

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