Atlanta and Juneau class light antiaircraft cruisers (CLAA)

Atlanta, Juneau I, et al were light, antiaircraft cruisers with sixteen! 5"/127mm guns and eight 21" torpedo tubes.
Although not designed for surface combat against heavy units, both Atlanta and Juneau were desperately thrown into the First Battle of Guadalcanal. Atlanta was wrecked above the waterline -- Admiral Norman Scott dying on her bridge when mistakenly hit by San Francisco -- and had to be scuttled the following day.
Juneau survived a torpedo hit during the battle to be sunk by a submarine while withdrawing on the following day. Of her 700+ crew, only 10 survived the explosion and lack of rescue (blamed on Helena's Captain Hoover but really Admiral Halsey's theater command responsibility). All 5 Sullivan brothers from Waterloo Iowa died with her. The Navy immediately ordered brothers off the same ships and commissioned a Fletcher class destroyer -- see below -- The Sullivans.

The Juneau II subclass had only twelve superfiring 5" guns, and the middle turrets were not raised as highly

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