Lou's Exercises against (Lower) Back Pain.

Lou's Exercises against lower back pain:

I created these when I started suffering lower back pain and have had no recurrences since ... as long as I use them. NO GUARANTEES, though. :-) And if you have already had surgery, they may no longer work and may even be injurious, SO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR.

Philosophy: The spine is a column of boney disks and cartilage supported by tendons and muscles. It is vital to get and keep those tendons and muscles in tone so the column will be properly balanced.

If you are currently having back pain, you do these both when you get into bed before going to sleep and again before getting out of bed in the morning. I currently only have to do them before getting out of bed.

1. Lay flat on your back in your bed. No pillow. Now reach up over your head and gripping the edge of the mattress gently but steadily and strongly pull ... for about 10 seconds ... theoretically stretching out your spinal column a little. (You may not feel any effect and you may not think this is having any effect, but it is.)

2. Now staying flat on your back roll your hips forward and back and then move them sideways up and down toward and away from your shoulders like a tipped over teeter totter ... for about 10 seconds.

3. Roll over onto your tummy and rock back and forth like we used to do to warm/limber up in gym classes ... 7-10 times.

4. Now get up on your hands and knees and make catlike motions, moving your hips and back in every direction that you can. (If this awakens feelings of attraction in your spouse, that can be good exercise too. :-) )

5. Get up carefully - early mis-moves throwing your loosened/flexed spine out of alignment again - can be catastrophic.

6. Now walk around with very good posture and during the day walk with good posture as much as you can. And try not to develop a beer belly. (I don't drink, so of course that is now problem for me. Oh. I do eat a lot of chocolate ... But that's not alcoholic, you see! :-) )

That's it. Again, NO GUARANTEES and LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR (on this ... too).

Lou Coatney

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