Baltimore class Heavy Cruiser

Baltimore was our wartime heavy cruiser built without treaty restraints. The previous one-of-a-kind Wichita had been a prototype for it, albeit with fewer 5" secondary guns. The Baltimores also had very heavy tertiary armaments of 40mm and 20mm antiaircraft guns.

One of the class had the unique distinction of being named after Australia's capital city -- and an Australian heavy cruiser which may have been sunk by our U.S. torpedoes in the Battle of Savo Island near Guadalcanal in early August 1942 -- Canberra, which is intriguing. Canberra and Cleveland class light cruiser Houston were badly damaged during the battles against Japanese airfields on Taiwan, and as "Bait Div 1" they were used as bait to lure more Japanese aircraft out to be slaughtered by our now vastly superior naval air aviators.

Being wartime construction, quality wasn't always the best, and Pittsburgh lost 90' of its bow in a typhoon!

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