Cleveland class Light Cruisers

Heavily armed for their size -- a bit over 600 feet with twelve 6" guns, twelve 5" dual purpose antiaircraft guns, many antiaircraft guns, and a full complement of floatplanes -- the ships of this class tended to be topheavy, although there were no capsizings.

They reflected the Navy's doctrine of massive firing, although their accuracy has been debated. An example was the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, wherein four ships of this class -- Cleveland herself, Columbia, Denver, and Montpelier -- fired off many hundreds of shells but scored comparatively few hits.

Something of interest: I have it on good authority that some of these ships became permanently designated escorts to certain carrier and battleship( division)s. For example, Pasedena always escorted Iowa class battleship Missouri, while managing to avoid being run over by her.

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