Colorado class Old Battleships (and West Virginia) - Bs

Thanks to the naval treaties, until our first modern battleships came along just before World War II, all we had were modernized versions of our World War I era battleships. In keeping with tactical doctrine, our battleships were comparatively slow, but very well armed and armored.

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, Colorado was not there, but sisterships Maryland and West Virginia were. West Virginia was hit by no less than 7 torpedoes and was saved from capsizing like the Oklahoma did only thanks to a sharp young damage control officer. Maryland was trapped inboard of West Virginia, until the latter could be moved enough to free her.

While Colorado and Maryland basically retained their gun configurations, West Virginia was completely renovated along the lines of California and Tennessee, before her return to the battleline in 1944, with 4 twin dual purpose 5" gun turrets along each side. All 3 ships were in the thick of battle.

From ONI 54:

From ONI 200:

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