Fletcher class Destroyers

The Fletchers were the most successful destroyer class of World War II. With treaty restrictions discarded at Pearl Harbor, they could be the ultimate destroyer design naval strategists and tacticians had envisioned. Their strong main battery of five magazine fed turreted dual purpose 5" guns was unmatched. (The British even put the same on their old light cruiser Delhi.) Along with a hefty torpedo armament -- which became effective in 1943, once the inexcusable problems with American torpedoes had been figured out -- and antiaircraft and antisubmarine armaments, this was a versatile, hard-hitting ship.

The Fletchers began arriving to the battle zones in time for the later Guadalcanal battles, and with 275 of them built, they became the backbone of our destroyer fleet. Later in the war, to deal with kamikazes, antiaircraft armament was increased to the point that one of the torpedo mounts was removed.

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