Russian Red Navy Gangut class Battleships

The Gangut class battleships were the first generation of Russian dreadnoughts, built right before World War I. Most of these fell into the hands of the Soviets after the Revolution. Ironically, none of a later improved class of these ships did, either being sunk or scuttled.

In World War II, the three surviving ships all saw combat. Up at the Red Navy base Kronshtadt near Leningrad, the ships helped break up German Wehrmacht attacks on the city. Finally, they became such a nuisance that Ruedel's Stuka squadron divebombed them, and Rudel himself blew off the bow of the Marat ... which sank in shallow water and was nonetheless repaired.

Their main battery armament of twelve 12" guns was substantial, and they had an exotic, Russian-looking superstructure. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they had not been prevented by the Gulf of Finland minefields from sortying into the Baltic to challenge German pocket battleships and cruisers.

Here is the ONI drawing and entry for the Gangut class battleships, and you might want to see the "2-D models" of the ships I created, at 1:700, 1:1200, and 1:1800 scales. There are no 1:700 plastic models available of these ships.

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