Gotland class Cruiser

Gotland, launched in 1933, was the same in concept as the later "hermaphrodite" conversions of the old Japanese battleships, Ise and Hyuga, and heavy cruiser Mogami: although armed for surface combat, it had a flight deck with a catapult for its 6 Hawker Osprey floatplanes. Actual aircraft capacity was 8 aircraft on the flight deck and 3 stowed below. Original armament: 2x2, 2x1 6" guns, 1x2, 2x1 3" guns, 2x3 21" torpedo tubes

In 1943-44, it was converted to an antiaircraft cruiser, with many Bofors antiaircraft gun emplacements back on its flight deck, as is shown in this ONI 200 listing.

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