Kako class Heavy Cruisers

Kako and Furutaka were the first heavy cruisers built in conformity with treaty restrictions. They originally mounted six 7.9" guns in single, centerline turrets, but were later modified in the next, Aoba class's configuration of 3x2 main battery guns.

Along with the Aoba class, they were thrown into the Guadalcanal battles early on, and the Battle of Savo (Island) -- resulting in the sinking of 4 American and Australian heavy cruisers -- was their moment of glory. However, on the way back to Rabaul, Kako was hit by 3 torpedoes from the American submarine S44 and sank catastrophically.

Furutaka was sunk in the following American victory, the Battle of Cape Esperance -- Admiral Norman Scott commanding U.S. forces -- by a torpedo from the American destroyer USS Duncan.

Here is the ONI drawing and entry for the Kako class cruisers, and you might want to see the "2-D models" of the ships I created, at 1:700, 1:1200, and 1:1800 scales. There are 1:700 plastic models available of each of the ships.

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