L/AA and L&M class Destroyers

Photo of the cardstock models of the L/AA and L&M class British destroyers -- these in 1:700 scale -- I've designed and built:

With the beginning of the war, it became apparent that dual purpose guns were essential for destroyer main batteries. The British designed the highly complex closed twin 4.7" gun turret for their new class of destroyers, but they were slow to go into production.
Thus, the first four ships of the class -- Gurkha II, Lance, Legion, and Lively -- were instead armed with 4 open twin 4" gun turrets. As it turned out, these may have been the best British destroyers of the war, and all four were thrown into the Mediterranean inferno, to join the Malta Striking Force which sortied at night from Fortress Malta to raid the Axis convoys attempting to supply and reinforce Rommel and in North Africa. All four ships were sunk, but not before gutting more than one Italian convoy, often under the very noses of their escorts.

For the mass of L&M class destroyers, the new 4.7" gun turrets proved so inadequate for air defense that in all cases except Loyal, the after set of torpedoes was taken out and replaced with a single 4" antiaircraft gun.
Losses among especially the Ls were heavy, but Matchless, Milne, and Musketeer all participated in the sinking of Scharnhorst on Christmas, 1943.

Here is HMS Loyal, which kept all 8 torpedo tubes, even with the three twin 4.7" gun turrets:

And here is the antiaircraft variant of the class:

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