Nagato (and Mutsu) class Battleship(s)

Prewar, Nagato and Mutsu were the prides of the Imperial Japanese Fleet. For battleships, they were relatively fast, and their eight 16" guns were long-ranged and hard-hitting. They may have been more powerful than our Colorado, Maryland, and West Virginia, depending on who had the best fire control systems.

Nagato was the Imperial Fleet flagship, at least until Yamato and Musashi entered service, and a huge mockup of it was built for the excellent Pearl Harbor film Tora, Tora, Tora. It was in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and survived to be sunk in harbor in Japan at the end of the war.

Its sistership Mutsu spontaneously blew up in June 1943, while at anchor in Japan, instantaneously eliminating one of Japan's most dangerous ships.

A 1:1800 "2-D model" of the class is below the ONI drawing.

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