Royal Navy "minor" combatants

This page out of the 1950 ONI 200 has a number of fascinating ship classes. First, there is the monitor Roberts, with its single twin 15" gun turret. Then all four types of the Hunt class escort destroyers are there, along with various (anti-submarine and anti-aircraft) sloops and even the Abdiel class fast minelayers (which also, masquerading as French destroyers sometimes, ran supplies into isolated Malta).

The Hunts were a mixed success. Although termed escort destroyers because of their relatively fast speed, they were lightly armed. Heavier armaments required that hulls already on the launching ways be "kippered" -- split lengthwise and widened. Only Types 3 and 4 had any torpedo armament, so Types 1 and 2 were little threat to larger classes of ships. The Hunts were in the thick of the fighting everywhere, and many were crewed by (free) Greek, Norwegian, etc., personnel. After the war many found their way into various NATO navies, and some of the "Royal Navy" destroyers attempting to run (by) the Guns of Navarone (in the movie) were actually Greek Hunts.

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