Tribal class destroyer

As Britain's big-gun approach to the prewar super destroyers, these beautiful and famous ships had only a single quadruple mount of 21" torpedo tubes. War quickly showed the need for stronger antiaircraft armament apparent, and the third/X turret was replaced by a twin Dual Purpose 4.0" gun turrent, shown.

The class was built in Australia - slowly, despite there being a war on - and in Canada. HMCS Haida also served in the Korean War and is now a naval monument/museum.
Note the early war tripod mainmast.

I HAVE DESIGNED A 3-D CARDSTOCK PAPER MODEL SHIP OF THIS SHIP/CLASS, and I have posted them in color for the Bismarck actions' destroyers at/via Colored models of the Tribal class destroyers and J/K/N class Polish destroyer Piorun

Here is the ONI drawing, with the deck plan sized to the side view:

And here is the class's entry from the 1950 ONI 200. Note the latewar and postwar "lattice mast":

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