Trento class Heavy Cruiser

Trento and Trieste were the first of the Italian World War 2 heavy cruisers to be built, commissioned in 1927 and 1926 respectively. They were large, beautiful ship: very fast but lightly armored -- actually, an oversized light cruiser with 8" guns. Like the early Italian light cruisers, the ships launched their float planes straight ahead off the bow - an arrangement which greatly complicated operations generally.

Both ships were sunk during the war while Italy was on the side of the Axis: Trento was hit by an RAF Beaufort's aerial torpedo which left it derelict and was then sunk by a torpedo from the submarine HMS Umbra, on 15 June 1942. Trieste was eventually sunk by USAAF B-24 Liberator bombers in a Sardinian port on 10 April 1943.

Intriguingly, there was no Trento page in my otherwise complete original of ONI 202, Italian Naval Vessels. I found the tattered copy I have in an otherwise very INcomplete original of ONI 202 I bought on eBay and received from a famous ship identification book author. My supposition is that the Trento page came from an earlier edition.

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