Blitzkrieg! Attack on the West, 1940

A Note on Copyright

BLITZKRIEG! ATTACK ON THE WEST, 1940 is COPYRIGHTED -- NOT Public Domain -- and FREE under the following conditions:


BLITZKRIEG! ATTACK ON THE WEST, 1940 is dedicated ...
A. to all those who suffered in the First and Secons World Wars - especially, in the West, the Belgian and French peoples.
B. to my children Rebecca, Robert, Rohan, and Johanna, in the hope that they may never have to go through a world war:
The more we learn about the world wars, the better our chances that they will be the LAST world wars.
C. To my good friend and a proud Frenchman in Gothenburg Sweden, Patrick Tremoureux, and his beautiful little family, for their generous hospitality and his contagious joie de vivre.

A Request: If you do assemble and play this free game of mine, PLEASE let me know at what you think of it and whether, after more than a couple games, you think one side or the other has an advantage. Thanks!
And now: Here are BLITZKRIEG! ATTACK ON THE WEST, 1940's components, to print off and assemble so that it may be played. Players-students will also need a single six-sided die (or chits numbered 1-6, to be drawn out of a hat) for the randomized combat results tables.

Comments by myself and others about the game can be read on ConSimWorld

If you are a friend, and/or if you would like to share info and ideas about military and naval history and game designing and cardstock model shipbuilding, and/or you have any questions about BLITZKRIEG! ATTACK ON THE WEST 1940, feel free to e-mail me at

Thank you for your interest in the game ... and its history.

2013, rev. 21Feb17