Gegenangriff am Kasserine (Counterattack at Kasserine)

A Note on Copyright

Gegenangriff am Kasserine (Counterattack at Kasserine) is COPYRIGHTED -- NOT Public Domain -- and FREE under the following conditions:


Gegenangriff am Kasserine (Counterattack at Kasserine) is dedicated to ...
A. Our American, British, and Free French servicemen who gave the Nazis their first defeat on the Western Front in Tunisia, 1943
B. My children Rebecca, Robert, Rohan, and Johanna, in the hope that they may never have to go through a world war. C. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, who was my hero when I was in high school and going to West Point (for one semester). D. Frau Hoefler of Altenmittlau, Kreis Gelnhausen, who was so kind to me, letting me stay in her inn, and even trying to set me up with beautiful young Irmgard, when I was a GI on pass.

The more we learn about the Second World War, the better our chances that it will be the LAST world war. (LRC)

A Request: If you do assemble and play this free game of mine, PLEASE let me know at what you think of it and whether, after more than a couple games, you think one side or the other has an advantage. Thanks!

Here are the Gegenangriff am Kasserine (Counterattack at Kasserine) components, to print off and assemble so that it may be played. Players-students will also need a single six-sided die (or chits numbered 1-6, to be drawn out of a hat) for the randomized combat results tables.

More comments by myself and others about the game can be read on Talk Consimworld Com now and