Dark Crusade Second 2nd Edition rules, player aids, and units

It has been 30 years since my game Dark Crusade was published by 3W, premiering at Dallas in 1984. Being up in Alaska, I had not been given time to proof the components, and I was shocked at the game's first edition. Developer Ty Bomba and I had done our best. To its credit 3W felt bad about all the mistakes and agreed to do a 2nd edition of the rules and key components. Unfortunately, someone else was paid to rewrite the rules, although I was allowed to look at his draft ... and was shocked again, but had a chance to rewrite them myself (for no pay) before the 2nd edition components were published, in 1991.
I have copyright and publication rights to all of the game except Rodger MacGowan's graphics work.

It has been a very long time since I've played DC myself. There are probably still some (correctible) glitches here and there, but its point to point structure and highly interactive combat system make for a fast, exciting, and overall realistic simulation game about the nature of its subject: the biggest military campaign in history which included the most massive tank operations and battles in history.

You could make the map yourself on a 1:2,500,000 map of European Russia. I'll make a list of the point-to-point movement capacity ratings. I am also working up a new game using the Dark Crusade combat system and a conventional wargame hexagonal map grid.


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Revised, 11Jun14